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¡¡About Us
¡¡Company Profile
Henan Xinkaiyuan Petrochemical Pipeline Co. Ltd. (Hereinafter referred to as HNXKY)£¬located in central China£¬Luoyang city, was founded in 1978,has been servicing for petrochemical and energy industries more than 30 years.
HNXKY can manufacture all kinds of standard pipe fittings and flanges, non-standard pipe fittings and flanges£¬and the combined devices,which can meet the requirement of the international specifications of GB, ASME, JIS, DIN, ASTM and so on. Core products include anti-sulfur&anti-hydrogen bends¡¢pipe fittings, clad pipe fittings, high temperature and high pressure pipe fittings. Our products are widely used in Petroleum and Natural gas, Petrochemical, Nuclear industry, LNG, Water treatment and Desalination, Shipbuilding and Environmental protection and other industries.
HNXKY has A class pipe fittings and flanges manufacture license of China, and obtained the international Certificates including ASME,ISO etc.
Technical capacity
HNXKY is a Chinese high-tech enterprise, a Chinese academician workstation, the earliest enterprise of seamless steel butt welding fittings standard working out, and participates the standard working out of anti-corrosion bend, and till now HNXKY has obtained dozens of invention patents on the manufacture and testing of pipe fittings and flanges.
HNXKY covers an area of about 100,000©O, has a manufacture plant of more than 50,000©O, and a warehouse of more than 10,000©O£¬13 intelligent CNC bending lines (DN25-DN1400mm), more than 30 sets of intelligent Surfacing welding machines,a 6000-ton cold forming equipment£¬a automatic heat treatment furnace, a quality trace system of products .
Test and examination
HNXKY has laboratories,equipped with the necessary test and examination devices,meet with the requirements of international standards, including Chemical analysis, Mechanical property test, Metallographic analysis and NDE devices etc.
Delivery guarantee
HNXKY has all kinds of pipe materials in store,which is more than 10,000 tons to ensure the products required by the costumers can be manufactured and delivered in time, HNXKY has more than 60,000 sets of stand fittings and flanges in store which can be delivered immediately. Our inventory is your inventory.
The first-class Equipment, first-class Certificates, first-class Products make HNXKY to provided our customers worldwide with the 100% qualified products more than 30 years, and won the trust of our customers. With continuously innovations, improving services and technology, HNXKY will develop with our customers shoulder by shoulder and provide more value-added with our customers hand in hand in the future .
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Address: Western Luoyang, LuoXin industrial concentration area
phone: 086-379-63008099¡¡¡¡E-mail£ºswb@hnkysh.com